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Dream Work & Teamwork


The choice became:
Dream of Italy or in Italy.

We stayed for a week and couldn’t leave. It was too good.
— Lexi Scott, IVW Co-Founder

“Friends of 40 years, senior citizens, and first time entrepreneurs. Feels weird to say! Ultimately we know that what Tuscia has is special. We want to share it, but we also want to respect it; as well as the people who live and thrive here.

This business is a way to try and do that. To share the love we have for Italy, for people, and for how the love of Italy heals people.”

—The IVW Team

The Founders



A.k.a. Alexandra

I melted into the pace of village life immediately.
— Lexi Scott

Lexi excels at making her guests feel at home, warm, well fed, cozy and excited about the plans for tomorrow.

Managing California venues, she hosted the likes of Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and other stars.

We implement her hosting skills into every ounce of the guest experience while she organizes the team on the ground.



A.k.a Maurizio

Italian culture is so rich, it’s nearly infinite.
— Mario Marmorstein

Italian historical non-fiction novelist, screenwriter, and professor of Italian history; Mario ensures Tuscia is represented accurately and authentically.

Growing up Italian~American, Italy immediately felt like home.

This passion slowly evolved into a career in Italian Academia, guiding groups of students on tours of Italy’s most famous cities for top universities.



Smiley eyes {of locals} are proof of good living.
— Stephanie Slater

An Herbalist, practitioner of Ayurveda & EFT therapist, Stephanie knows the needs of mind, body and spirit.

Her empathy and intuition enhance our systems to craft perfectly healing guest experiences.

Perhaps most importantly, she is our primary advocate for environmental sustainability and protection.

IVW is a wonderful partner... a pleasure working with them!
— Giovangiorgio, from Castello Costaguti
Incredible hospitality, wonderful people... a truly Italian experience.
— Paul Zinder, Documentary Filmmaker