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Our Mission:



Automatic Mindfulness

Much of the way things are done in Italy requires full attention. The meditation of losing yourself in an experience becomes contagious. The landscape, people, food and culture provoke a sense of honest living; that may be why people are happier here.


The Art
of Living Well

The people of Tuscia have been perfecting the art of living well for millennia. They haven’t traded ancient wisdom for tech. Instead, they build upon that wisdom, trying to improve the quality of daily life.


Passion & Craft

The locals working with IVW are incredibly enthusiastic about what they do. They take great pride in their respective crafts, and are happy to explain why.

We work to bring awareness and patronage, sharing their wonderful gifts with all who would respect them.


Land & Culture

There would be no Tuscia without the Nature and villages that make it. We care deeply about preservation, but we also recognize the benefits of modern tools.

We work with and support local businesses in improving their sustainability practices, while sharing their existing methods with the rest of the world.