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“Live For Life!”


Our Philosophy


Living for Life means thoughtfully making the most of what’s available & uplifting others along the way.


Respect is earned

At IVW, we all work as hard as we can to earn the respect of Guests, Locals, and Mother Nature herself.

Pride in craft & quality is rooted in respect for the work performed. Respect has to be earned; something Italians learn early.

In this way, Mother Nature has no rival. Rural Italians recognize this, and make peace with it; farming isn’t work, it’s the act of respecting Nature’s laws, cooperating with them, and receiving something earned in return.

Honesty = freedom

We are committed to being honest, working toward mutual growth, fair practice, and good humor.

Being honest is a loving act. It allows growth, gratitude, and humor in any situation.

We always say: better to be grateful for a single tomato than to curse the others that didn’t grow. Meals aren’t made of curses.

“Better than fair for all parties” sums up our business mindset.

Presence is a gift

Every experience we work to create, with locals or otherwise, is designed to draw attention to the present.

Being mindful is about balancing awareness and experience. With the rise in use of technology, many have become deprived of the natural interactions human beings need.

This is an area that rural Italians never lost sight of. Here, the nature is too rich, the ingredients too delicious, and the landscape too beautiful to ignore.

Whose Idea Was This?

We wish we could take credit, but ancient civilizations figured it out first.


Roman Empire

The Romans worked to command respect in every area of society, and although they took this too far, we can still learn from their incredible history.

What’s the takeaway? Respect should not be commanded; it should be inspired.

Modern Italians

When an Italian elder shouts “You’re getting fat, stop eating so much”, they’re looking out for the health of a loved one, not fat~shaming.

Ultimately, good humor and trust become commonplace in a culture of honesty.

The Etruscans

The Etruscans perfected the growing and processing of olives, grapes, and wheat as we know them; they mastered the art of living naturally.

Natural living leads to a better quality of life for current and future generations.