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All The Benefits,
None of the B.S.

No itineraries, no logistics, no headaches—that’s IVW’s job.

Simply show up and be ready to lead for 1 to 4 hours each day.




All IVW amenities are provided at no charge. This means meals, lodging and all the rest.

5% Back

All Group Leaders receive 5% back on the total, whatever that may be.

More often than not, Leaders are earning thousands of dollars each week.

Flat Rates

We charge flat rates; everything included except airfare. Simply pay us a per-Guest rate and charge any amount on top of that to those who would join. Everyone is happy.


Whom is this for?


Sales & Tech Managers

A fresh way to build trust without trust falls. Reward a hard~working team with an unforgettable journey. Set dedicated time each morning to brainstorm {or not}, before setting out into the magical Italian landscape. A great way to reboot creativity away from the keyboard.

Stocked meeting rooms available


Professors & Experts

Tired of lecturing and teaching under fluorescent lights? We get it. The best light to learn in is sunlight. Italy is full of history, culture, and nature, all teeming with topics to explore with a grateful audience. Find inspiring ways to share knowledge all around Tuscia.


Artists & Writers

Photographers, painters, writers, and knitting clubs alike can all find new and stimulating subject matter to explore. The lush settings and fascinating people begin to inspire an unlimited potential for creativity.

Chefs & Foodies

Where better to teach a cooking class than in the world’s best kitchen—Italy? With all~local everything, use the ingredients at hand to instruct budding culinary experts in the ways of the saucepan and oven.

Yogis & Gurus

Fitness, both mental and physical, knows no borders or bounds. From the raw and rustic environment of Tuscia to the intricate history of the castle, there are countless locations to practice strengthening mind, body, and spirit.


How It Works


1. Craft a Concept

Each of our Group Leaders incorporate their expertise into the IVW experience. They lead a daily block of time with their Guests, and we take care of the rest. This block of time should be designed to provide a daily course, practice, training, brainstorm; anything that inspires.


2. Interview

Let us know what the vision is, what dates are ideal, and how many Invited Guests are expected to attend. We will then discuss what IVW and the locals will need, as well as how to handle the nitty gritty. We can’t wait to meet!


3. Shout From The Rooftops

Let people know about the experience of a lifetime; once a group has signed on to join the adventure, simply get to Rome. We take it from there. If help booking flights is needed, we can recommend agents.


4. Show Up

Last, but certainly not least, Group Leaders and their Invited Guests arrive in Rome, from which point we chauffeur everyone back to the village where the rest of the experience will ensue.

The Details

  • Leaders collect payment from Invited Guests

  • Payments to IVW are made on a deposit schedule

  • Fair contracts will be signed to protect all parties

  • IVW collects basic information for each Guest, including Leaders

  • IVW can promote Group Leader events on request

  • Leaders get access to IVW Facebook Groups to help organize trips

  • Minimum of 7 Invited Guests

    • If there are cancellations, it is the responsibility of Leaders to refill this spot, or cancel the trip

  • Maximum of 15 Invited Guests

    • Leaders are included in the IVW 16 Guest maximum

  • Group Leaders supply related materials
    {easels, mats, workbooks, etc.}

  • 5 day / 4 night minimum

Sound Good?
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