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Working sustainably with locals, we host all~inclusive slow travel to Italian villages.


Tourism can be destructive.

We work to ensure our process benefits Guests, Locals, and Mother Nature.


Travel doesn’t have to be.

Be at home with land & people; return to a natural state of mindfulness.


Here, everyone gets the proverbial window seat.


100% All~Inclusive

Every experience had a little extra magic.
— Dashka Slater, Author & Journalist

Designated Driver

In the Italian countryside, it’s best to have someone familiar with both road and road manner take the wheel.

The IVW Coach is loaded with snacks and refreshments for the journey. Pickup & return to Rome and/or Orvieto included.


Interpreter & Guide

In a foreign country, it’s all too easy to get left out of the conversation, especially when local dialects are involved. Here, they definitely are.

That’s why we provide a local interpreter guide to accompany the group during experiences; there are countless subtleties to navigate.


Total pocket

Phones distract and detract from the authenticity of the experiences we offer. Unplug and be free.

We pick up the check. Every check. From morning coffee to museum tickets, everything is included with very few exceptions. Leave the wallet behind.*

*Opportunities to purchase gifts, art, products, bottled beverages, and more.


Endless local
wine & food

In Italy, meals are slow. They are savored amid conversation, laughter, and eyes~closed chewing.

Most meals are multi-course. Wine is always local; glasses refill with white or red until plates are clean.*

*Unlimited wine is available during meals only. Trust us, it’s better this way.


Welcome to
the Rustic Revival


Craft an adventure

Coming with family, friends, colleagues? Create the perfect travel experience for private groups and corporate rewards.


Join an adventure

Designed for couples & singles to join in on a journey crafted by Italian Village Works; a great way to meet new people!


A free paid trip to Italy.


Collaborate with IVW to host a class, seminar, retreat, or similar; ideal for teachers, artists, consultants, gurus, etc.

Do what you love and the necessary resources will follow.
— Peter McWilliams